£5.99 per month
£59.99 for 1 Year subscription
£99.99 for 2 Year Subscription

A friendly voice at the end of the line for your child guaranteed 24 hours a day.

Holding the LO-K-8 SOS button in an emergency situation will dial the two emergency contacts in priority order, but if for some reason the call is unanswered, with the LO-K-8 SOS subscription you can guarantee a friendly voice at the end of the line whatever the emergency.

When you set up the app and your LO-K-8 watch you will be asked to enter two emergency SOS numbers, for example mum, dad, an elder sibling or a family friend.

These are the two emergency numbers that will be dialled if your child pushes the SOS button. If neither of those calls are answered the call will go straight through to the LO-K-8 Control Room where a trained Controller will be on hand to guide your child through any situation.





The Control Room

  • Secure purpose-built control room
  • Passive monitoring system is not tracking your child just monitoring the device ID
  • The device ID is the unique code in each watch and only becomes active to our control room when the SOS button is pushed
  • At this point the device ID flags orange in our control room, if the call is answered within 8 rings, we know one of the emergency contacts is dealing with the situation
  • If the call is not answered, one of our specialist Controllers will immediately be in a two-way call with your child
  • During the device setup you will be asked to agree a password with your child, so that your child knows the person on the other end of the line is from LO-K-8
  • If LO-K-8 can handle the situation we will, or we will contact the relevant emergency services
  • While our Controller is assisting your child, another controller is trying to reach you or any additional emergency numbers you have given us

SOS Security

  • The password, child’s name and all other information relating to that device are stored by Device ID (not your name) on our SOS Secure Server
  • This means that not even our Controllers know what device belongs to you unless there is an SOS Situation
  • The Device ID information is stored on our SOS Server inside our secure Control Room and is only accessible by our Controllers
  • The SOS Secure Server is a Stop Gapped System. What is a Stop Gapped System?
  • A Stop Gapped System means that it is not connected to the internet and you must be physically inside our secure Control Room to access it